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Croatia is a country well-known for its idyllic islands and Roman/Venetian styled architecture concealing precious heritage numbering thousands of years in age. In sailing circles, the Dalmatian nation is one that sits at the top of the hierarchy in terms of the best sailing destinations worldwide and it is often said that if you haven’t yet conquered the waters of the Adriatic, then you just haven’t sailed right. Many throng Croatian waters each year to get a taste of the famous sea and here are 5 five reasons why you need to be counted among that number as soon as possible.

1) The Adriatic climate smiles down on you


Annually, the country sees about 2600 hours worth of sunlight- it is the sunniest in the continent- with summer feeling the brunt of that heat and experiencing averages of about 25 C. The waters are perhaps even more famous for the maestral, jugo and bura winds that make sailing in Croatia a fun yet challenging endeavor. Winters in Europe are generally unforgivingly cruel for taking to the sea but this country fairs much better affording fairly manageable temperatures for all-year-round sailing.

2) They are thousands of islands to explore


Warm sandy beaches, hidden away bays, submerged caves, and underwater treasures are all the hallmarks of the perfect sailing vacation and this Balkan nation boasts thousands of islands rife with endless adventure that would require countless lifetimes to sample everything. From exotic chains such as the Pakleni to popular land masses such as Brac and little-known yet winsome names such as Mljet, there are literally thousands of islands to savor; 1244 islands and islets to be exact!

3) Accredited and sophisticated marinas


Croatia’s nautical notoriety boils down to a well-established network of marinas complete with the latest in boating technology and social amenities. The sailing industry is thriving off of this so much so that it accounts for 40% of the world’s charter fleet. Consequently, renting a quality vessel is extremely easy and affordable and so too is getting to famous cities as the 60 marinas are spread in close proximity to popular destinations.

4) Never ending parties and festivities


There is a never a dull day during the summer with every nightfall seeing musical festivities and booming nightclubs putting on a show that can be underwhelmingly described as amazing. If your sailing itinerary leans toward scintillating night-outs, music from world-renowned DJs and native cocktail delicacies, you’ll be bewildered by the abundance of fun along the Dalmatian coast. Alluring parties on cozy yachts are also quite common during this period at a time when having a good time seems to take precedence above all else.

5) You’ll not need to worry about security or extravagant expenses


Among all European countries, the crime rate is lowest in Croatia and cases of theft and muggings synonymous with other European sailing destinations are almost non-existent. On the other hand, getting by in terms of accommodation and day-to-day expenses such as food etc. is also significantly cheaper compared to hotspots such as Italy and Greece where prices are steep and security is not so good.

Some of the other reasons why many people dream of sailing the Balkan waters include an English speaking and friendly population, unrivaled local cuisine and UNESCO-listed treasures that are as enthralling as they are beautiful. And the list goes on and on.

5 Tips On How To Prepare For Sailing In Croatia

Croatia’s Adriatic Sea is simply charming in every sense of the word. The water is beguiling clear, the sun conveniently warm and the wind endearing friendly; so it’s not hard to see why it tickles the fancy of many would-be sailors. If it’s your first time sailing on the beautiful stretch of Croatia’s alluring waters, then there are probably a couple of things you need to take into account. Here are five essential pointers:

1) Get your Packing Right

Swimwear such as board shorts and bikinis ought to be at the top of your packing list as the majority of your time will be spent amidst the enchanting warmth of the Adriatic perimeter. A jacket should also feature on that list for the occasional biting cold that sets in once the sun goes down alongside top-notch walking boots for touring the jugged terrain of breathtaking peaks and famous towns of yesteryears.

You can also bring along a plethora of exquisite dress costumes to keep up with the regular shindigs. If you are looking to grace the scintillating Ultra Music Festival in Split, then you’re also going to need lots of neon paint! Last but not least, be sure to pack a little extra on the travel toiletries for seawater sanitation and for outdoor party preparations.

5 Tips On How To Prepare For Sailing In Croatia

2) Have your Document Nitty-gritty in Order

Might sound a bit cliché, but ensure you are armed with travel docs, visa, currency etc so that you don’t get into trouble with the local authorizes. American and Canadian visitors are afforded an entry gratis spanning 90-days while EU citizens enjoy unrestricted access to Croatian waters. Also important to have at the ready is a good travel insurance cover.

With regards to pocket money, it’s better to opt for the native currency (Kuna) as opposed to the Eurozone’s Euro as it’ll last you longer on account of currency value. Either way, it’s important to have a few bucks to spare for when you need something along the way.

5 Tips On How To Prepare For Sailing In Croatia

3) Watch Out for the Sun

The Croatian sun is pretty much the very definition of hot. With barely any clouds in the sky to shield its rays, summer temperatures can soar up to more than 80s. Sunglasses, creams and lipsticks are therefore of the essence if you want to steer clear of sunburns.

5 Tips On How To Prepare For Sailing In Croatia

4) Basic First Aid Skills are Important

You’ll probably have a guide or two hanging around ready to provide medical assistance, however, it is important to learn the ropes of basic first aid work for when they aren’t around e.g. patching up cuts, air to mouth resuscitation etc. The deck can be a really dangerous place, particularly when coupled with the temptation of Slavic beers. Knowing a few first aid essentials could mean the difference between life and death for you and your friends.

5) Don’t forget your Bottled Water

You probably know that you can’t drink salty sea water so it’s vital to come equipped with plenty of bottled water in case in-between town transits take a tad too long. Also, stores can be incredibly hard to come by so it’s best to be well stocked.

There you have it folks, a few important to tips to help you brace for sailing the Croatian waters and the challenges that come with it. All that’s left now is to wish you the best of luck on your trip. Enjoy!

Main entrance in old medieval town Korcula-Croatia-Dalmatia

Along the Dalmatian coast at the east shore of Adriatic Sea, there is a stretch of archipelago comprised of hundreds of islands and islets. The coast offers quite an extensive list of tourism destinations, and the Korcula Island certainly sits at the top of that list. If Korcula Island is you next stop, here are some of the best things to do to spend your time there.

Wine Tasting Tour

It would take about half a day to complete the sightseeing tour which also includes a stop for wine tasting in the Lumbarda village. Before you get the chance to spoil all your senses of taste, however, the tour will take you to the Old Town where medieval architectures are still well-preserved. When your sightseeing tour is filled with the treat of ancient settlements combined with green vineyards, it could never go wrong. As a matter of fact, some of the best wines in Croatia are produced from the grapes that grow around Lumbarda village. And if the weather approves, the Pupnatska Bay is always there waiting to welcome you with its pristine view. Sightseeing tour with wine tasting in Korcula Island starts at $100.


Yacht Excursion to Mljet Island

On a luxurious yacht, it takes about 30 minutes to go from Korcula to Mljet. Korcula Island delivers one special kind of tourism, and Mljet can only make it better. Mljet has two salt sea lakes and 12th Benedictine Monastery.


Mountain Bike Tour

The city streets in Korcula Island are best ways to absorb the pleasant local atmosphere with the locals. Pedaling through Lumbarda village on gravel roads allows you to consume the entire green landscapes vineyards and groves along the way. If wine tasting is too hard to decline, make a stop at one of the local wineries and have a go. At the end of the journey, go visit a sandy beach and embrace the friendly waves. Mountain bike tour in Korcula Island costs about $62 only.


Snorkeling Adventure

Korcula Island gives you the chance to experience a real close encounter with the nature. One of the most exciting ways to achieve that is by snorkeling. Small islets around the main island are great starting points to get to the most ideal snorkeling spots where you can see various fish species through crystal clear water. A guide can take you to a ship wreck if you want. Let us not forget that snorkeling adventure also includes fine delicacies consisting of caviar and white wine. It starts at around $84 with all the additional treats.


Buggy Excursion

If snorkeling is not enough, you’ll be pleased to know that you can combine it with a buggy adventure. A 2-seater buggy offers an intimate fun excursion across the off-road of Korcula Island. Snorkel gear is included in case you want to make a stop or two to see the underwater wildlife.http: It starts at $75, but possibly more if you include food and drinks in the tour.


Popularly known for its vineyards and old-world architectures, tourism in the island is actually sprinkled with much more relaxed ambiance thanks to friendly enjoyable local atmosphere and leisure close-to-the nature adventures. And ofcourse there are many hotels in Korčula for you to choose that will make your vacation enjoyable and unforgettable.