Modern day travel in 2020 depends on technology like no time before. Not only do travel apps provide information, guidance and inspiration, but they can also be a great resource to plan your trips and manage the general logistics of your travelling. 

There are plenty of apps available out there in the app development world that should be in your itinerary when it comes to useful travel apps. Whether it’s helping you navigate through a new city, book your next hotel or help with your language difficulties, there’s practically an app out there for everything.

If you’re looking to book your next trip, you may want to consider these apps as part of your travels so you can have a stress relieved trip experience.

Booking flights – Hopper

One frustrating aspect of travelling is that your plan can be rather spontaneous. Therefore, your trips might not be set in stone and you may need to book flights or updates off the cuff. With Hopper, it’s the ideal app for you to find the cheapest flights extremely last minute. It uses a colour code system to show historical prices of the dates you choose for each of your trips. Green shows the cheapest days to fly whilst red shows the most expensive. It can be perfect when you’re working on a budget and are being rather spontaneous with your trip choices.

Accommodation –

Managing your hotel accommodation and booking through is extremely simple. It has everything you need at your fingertips and even has a reward scheme that’s perfect for discount rooms when you need to skrimp a little on your prices. It also has features to search and compare, check your details and gain instant savings.

Organising your trip – Roadtrippers

If you’re organising an epic road trip with your pals, Roadtrippers can be perfect for just exactly that. It can not only plan out your route but it can also show you hotels and activities that are close by along the way. It also has a unique feature of showing interesting places that are out of site that you can enjoy as well as not-to-miss landmarks that you can visit. Bookmarking them is great to remember them for the future. 

Navigating through your airports – Loungebuddy

You always want to have a smooth experience when you enter the airport, and there’s no better way to do that than getting yourself into the airport lounge for a comfortable experience. Loungebuddy offers airport lounge access regardless of the airport that you’re visiting or the class that you’re flying with. If you’re looking to search for a specific lounge access, it also enables you to search for that too.