Mauritius was made first,

and then heaven;

and that heaven was copied from Mauritius.”

-Mark Twain

And you can’t say that Mark Twain was wrong. Located in the Indian Ocean to the southeast of the African coast, Mauritius is a beautiful and renowned travel destination. The vivid festivals, moderate temperature, and pristine beaches attract many wanderers, which in turn brings a lot of profit to the Mauritius Tourism. Here are 10 reasons why you should pick Mauritius as your next travel destination.

  1. The Climate:

Unlike many travel destinations, Mauritius has pleasant weather all year round. The temperature never falls below 16°C and can go up to 35°C. So, whether you plan to visit Mauritius during summer or winter, you’ll be greeted with an amazing experience.

  1. Impeccable Beaches:

Mauritius houses more than a hundred pristine beaches covered with white and golden sand. Each beach has a scenic view and is covered with lush palm, coconut and casuarina trees.

  1. Food Utopia:

 With influences from French, Indian, African and Asian kitchens, Mauritius cuisine is something to reach out for. When in a restaurant, scan the menu for some of their famous dishes- daube (tomato chicken stew), fish vindaye, dhal puri, and Babonne.

  1. Visa on Arrival:

This is something really exciting. Mauritius provides visa on arrival for its visitors, given you have a valid passport and a return ticket. This effort by the authorities has helped the Mauritius Tourism grow.

  1. 7 colored earth:

Chamarel, a village in Mauritius, is widely known for its scenic landscapes and boasts of the world-renowned Seven Colored Earths. It also houses Chamarel Falls, Ebony Forest Charamel and a National Park.

  1. Vivid Culture:

The Mauritian culture is a fusion of various other cultures- Indian, Asian, European to name a few, which is manifested in its culture, cuisines and in their architecture as well.

  1. Flora and fauna:

The very famous Black River Girges National Park is the home to several endemic flora and fauna, with many eye-popping picturesque views. Nile crocodiles, giant tortoises, and even lions roam in Mauritius’ nature reserves.

  1. Underwater Experience:

The spectacular coral reefs surrounding the islands are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can also swim with dolphins and sharks, preferably in Tamarin Bay.

  1. Adventure Sports:

If you’re seeking adventure, you can go hiking and zip lining through the rainforest or you can opt for canyoning in the waterfall. Places like Tamarind falls are great for hiking as well.

  1. Vibrant Festivals:

Mauritius is the place to be during Mahashivratri and Diwali. Mauritian people establish a large statue of Lord Shiva near Grand Bassin and worship him, while on Diwali they make sweet potato and coconut cakes and offer them to each other.