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Chicago is a city that doesn’t leave indifferent anyone. Do you like modern architecture in the style of high-tech or prefer a classic one – you will be delighted with this city anyway. It welcomes guests with its famous skyscrapers, museums, parks and numerous restaurants, cafes and eateries.

For those who have thought about where to eat in Chicago, we suggest to check out the list of 5 recommended addresses where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, being in the epicenter of Chicago daily routine.

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Portillo's Hot Dog Sign in Chicago

It’s an excellent restaurant located in the most populated area of the city – the Gold Coast, right by Lake Michigan. The establishment is considered to be a local landmark – it’s beautifully decorated in the style of the 50’s and looks like a classic roadside restaurant of those years. The interior of Portillo’s Hot Dogs adorned with the old photos of Chicago. The menu includes not only the famous sausages on a bun with a wide selection of fillings and sauces, but also a variety of iconic American dishes. The restaurant is equipped with an external dining area, so you can have a snack, without interrupting the enjoying of local sights.

Portillo’s Hot Dogs is a great dining spot if you travel by car rental in Chicago, because a separate parking lot is available close to the restaurant.

Address: 100 W Ontario St, Chicago

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-1am

Phil’s Pizza

Phil's Pan Pizza

This classic pizzeria is located in Bridgeport area and offers an excellent setting for family meals. The cozy atmosphere, nice interior and convenient location of the restaurant have long made it a popular place in Chicago. The walls of the pizzeria are decorated with numerous posters of the local baseball team – Chicago White Sox. The menu offers a large selection of pizza, spaghetti, ravioli and various Italian-style sandwiches.  It’s recommended to taste a great Chicago Pizza – it’s a pizza on a thick cake, which is baked in deep baking mold with all possible toppings.

Address: 1102 W 35th St, Chicago

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday 4pm-12am, Friday and Saturday 4pm-1.30am

The Garden Cafe

Kmart - W. Addison Street - Chicago, Illinois - Little Caesar's

(photo by Nathan Bush)

This cozy cafeteria is located in the building of the Art Institute of Chicago. A modern self-service system allows you to have a tasty snack for cheap in a refined environment – a great option if you want to eat on the go. The menu is very diverse, and the dishes include fresh and seasonal local products. You will be offered with pizza, grilled meat and vegetables, various homemade desserts and sweets. Also, it’s possible to choose a ready-made dish, but you can order a salad or sandwich made of the proposed ingredients according to your taste.

Address: 111 Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-4pm

Awake with Pearl Coffee

Home - Dinner

The café is placed on the territory of Chicago South Loop Hotel and is a favorite place for locals who are used to have a breakfast outside the house. Awake with Pearl Coffee can offer excellent lunches and breakfasts cooked in exquisite style, and most importantly, at very democratic prices. The menu includes pancakes, French toast, egg dishes, fish steaks and sandwiches with cod. Also, there’s a special menu for ‘small’ gourmets, and healthy food supporters will be definitely satisfied with protein-rich and healthy smoothies.

Address: 11 W 26th St, Chicago

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 7.30am-7pm

BIG & little’s

Big and Little's

This charming family restaurant never knows a shortage of visitors. You will be offered there with an excellent choice of dishes of traditional American cuisine. Many locals believe that BIG & little’s serves the best fish tacos, as well as sandwiches with crab, cod and shrimp. Each dish is served with delicious French fries – the signature dish of the restaurant is fish and fried potatoes.

Address: 860 N Orleans St

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-9pm

3 Arts Club Café

Southern Benedict  $11

3 Arts Club Café is an ideal place for breakfast or brunch. It combines a wine bar, a coffee shop and a restaurant. Guests are offered with tasty dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, a luxurious interior with velvet sofas, marble tables, candle lamps and a historic fountain, surrounded by olive trees.

Sandwiches, toasts, salads, snacks, a variety of teas and coffee, desserts and pastries – you will find all these delicacies in the menu of 3 Arts Club Café.

Address: 1300 N Dearborn St

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 11pm-6pm

Cindy’s Rooftop

Lamb Tartare

Cindy’s Rooftop is located on the territory of the Chicago Athletics Association. It’s a stylish restaurant with a glass vault and with a spacious outdoor terrace providing panoramic views of Millennium Park, Chicago Art Institute and Lake Michigan. You can enjoy there cocktails and oysters, both inside the restaurant and on the open-air terrace.

Cindy’s Rooftop is quite an atmospheric place where you can spend several hours enjoying meals. There is an excellent choice of dishes cooked according to recipes of Mediterranean and American cuisines.

Address: 12 S Michigan Ave

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-1am, Saturday and Sunday 10am-2am

So, Chicago is the source of colorful places, and this also applies to culinary establishments. Local restaurants are ready to match any culinary requests, and the prices in the menu will definitely please you.

Desert Safari Dubai - Combining Adventure With Serenity

The vast deserts of Arabia is always an enchanting place for the visitors and natives alike. It is a place where people gather to have fun and adventure. One of the best desert safari Dubai company, The DayOutDubai delivers the wildest adventure experiences. One can choose from the three Desert Safari packages offered by the company.

The morning desert safari is for the beauty seekers as the trip starts early at dawn. The evening desert safari offers a mix of thrill and fun for a day. The night desert safari is for the tranquil minds where they spend a night at the camp in a tent having the most peaceful night in the desert after the adventure dune bashing. The highlight of the desert safari is surely the dune bashing. A ride in a 4×4 Landcruiser through sand dunes is the one of a kind craze only seen in Arabian deserts. An experienced driver will move the vehicle through the dunes and make splashes of sand with it.

The sudden up and down drive makes anyone sit at the edge of his or her seat. This safe and insured safari is seen as the most gripping and endearing interests in Dubai. After this astounding trip, the vehicle enters the camp in the middle of the desert.

Sandboarding is one of the fun activities guests get to try before entering the camp. Innocent people sliding down from the top of a huge sand dune is fun to watch. Don’t get too scared of falling down from the board, because it is definitely safe and fun to plunge into the smooth sands.

One might also get some interesting expressions if photographed. The camel riding is also an exciting experience, especially for the first-timers. Camel riding is a great opportunity to learn the knack of the balance of a camel for the curious novices. One of the unique pastimes at the desert safari campsite is holding the falcon. This mighty bird will allow you to experience its strong claws on your hand. You might get a chance to capture a beautiful picture in your mobile or camera holding the falcon.

Quad biking is a thrilling experience to try, but one has to pay extra for the activity as it is not insured by the desert safari company. The best desert safari Dubai camp awaits visitors with a pack of arrangements to cool down the beating hearts of visitors after the dune bashing. With the sheesha area and a mini bar along with various traditional Bedouin style stalls, the desert safari camp welcome visitors with luxury and coziness.

Ladies can get the feel of Henna on their hands by an expert Henna designer and try out the traditional Arabic clothes like Kandura and Abaya and see the magic for oneself. In addition to this leisure, the desert safari camp has some enthralling performances by talented artists along with a delightful barbeque dinner in store.

The Tanoura Dance is a hypnotic performance originated from Egypt, where the performer swirls in diverse angles and style. The lights and color on the performer’s attire surely have a magnetic charm when he rotates. The inescapable resemblance of Tanoura dance to the Darwish whirling is an evidence of the mystic origins of the art form. The belly dance delivers an energetic and dynamic experience that brings back the picnic feel of the atmosphere.

After the Belly dance, Guests can indulge themselves in the delicious barbeque dinner and get ready to enjoy the surprise event of the evening, the fire show. The fire show is familiar for most of the people but not close up as in the desert safari camp. The performer juggling and dancing with fire sticks with great accuracy and speed is a shocker for the most.

The slight heat of the fire felt by the audience makes will register the performance deep into their hearts. The captivating music with the interesting fire show draws the attention more than other performances. The desert safari wraps up after the fire show. The same Land-cruiser that had picked the guests up from the residence will now drop them off at the same place. There will be enough time for the guests to share the excitement of the day with the best desert safari in Dubai.

Highways are among the safest categories of roads. They have no intersections, sharp road turns, and they are usually well-maintained. In addition, many highways today are equipped with bumpers, dividing the oncoming traffic lanes. As a result, road accidents on the highway should be very rare. Unfortunately, it’s not.

On the highways we drive much faster than on the common city streets. Plus, we relax on the highway. At the same time, many drivers forget to switch to other driving techniques associated with high speed. In order to avoid any road accidents when driving on the highway, rentalcars24h has carefully prepared the following rules…

Merge with highway traffic seamlessly

Highway of Heroes_2210

When entering the highway, use the entire length of the acceleration lane to smoothly and accurately merge with high-speed traffic. But remember: in order to safely enter the main flow of cars, you need to first gain an average speed of the traffic. For this reason, there are special acceleration lanes that smoothly merge with the major road lanes. That’s why road services try to make the accelerating rows as long as possible, so that drivers have enough time to safely enter the flow of other cars with a sufficient speed. 

Don’t drive in reverse on a highway

More and more serious accidents are caused by drivers who, having passed the desired turn or exit on the highway, decided to return to the exit by driving in reverse.

But on any road, the reverse movement in opposition to the main traffic direction is the most dangerous maneuver. And don’t even think that Emergency Button of a car will help you. Therefore, after missing the turn or highway exit, continue to drive to the nearest road junction where there’s a safe turn. Remember that it’s better to lose time and fuel than to get into a car accident.

Keep your distance


Since the speed on any highway is usually much greater than on the common city road, then you must always increase the distance to other cars when traveling on the highway. Otherwise, you run the risk of colliding if you need to brake urgently due to a sudden stop of the car ahead of you.

Remember that the higher the speed, the longer the braking distance of the car. In addition, always take into consideration the current weather and the conditions of the road surface. If it’s raining, the braking distance of any car can be increased almost double. So, always check the distance in bad weather, especially when driving on a highway.

Choose the right speed depending on road conditions

Sin pulso

The fact that on some motorways traffic regulations allows you to drive at a speed of 130 km/h doesn’t mean that you can move at such a speed throughout the highway. For example, in difficult road conditions (rain, snow, fog), the speed, of course, should be reduced. Remember that if in such conditions you get into an accident, then you can be convicted of the fact that you didn’t reduce the speed in accordance with road conditions and current weather.

Give way to emergency vehicles


While driving on the highway, it’s worth noticing that according to traffic regulations you‘ll have to give way to the cars of such operational services as ambulance, fire transport, rescue service, police cars, etc. Having seen an emergency vehicle behind your car, you need move as closely as possible to the right traffic row of the motorway.

By the way, you must leave the traffic lane even if the emergency vehicles can easily overtake you on the left or right. 

Use the left traffic row for overtaking only

Exit 175, Outlet Center Drive, Interstate 15 Northbound, California

Many drivers can drive in the left lane for many kilometers. The worst thing is that there’re a lot of drivers who move along it at a low speed, forcing other drivers to overtake them on the right, which is unsafe.

According to traffic regulations, drivers are allowed to occupy the left lane only with intensive traffic, when all lanes are occupied by other cars, and also for overtaking. In other cases, drivers cannot go in the left traffic lane. Therefore, try to drive the left side on the high-speed highway only if you want to overtake someone.

Avoid abrupt maneuvers

I-75, Atlanta, Georgia

Don’t turn sharply in case you approach a gas station or highway exit. Otherwise, you can provoke a major accident. Remember that because of high speeds, drivers of other cars cannot instantly reduce the speed, which can cause a collision.

Therefore, if you plan to stop at a gas station, choose the necessary lane and start slowing down in advance. Then, having approached to it, turn on the turn signal and enter a gas station.

If you brake sharply to change the traffic lane, then the vehicle behind you can crash into your car.

Ultimate Skin Care: Tips On How To Perfectly Maintain Your Tattoos

At certain points in your life, you will always experience an urge to become a free spirit and live your life to the fullest. As they say, it’s still best to just go for it. YOLO right? To really embrace the essence of YOLO, sometimes you would do things like color your hair an unnatural shade, dress like some kind of rockstar, and even get those daring tattoo’s!

However, after spending money living YOLO, these things will still be corroded by time – especially tattoos! So, after getting inked, check out these tips to perfectly maintain the beauty of your tattoo!

What You Wear Matters

When you just got your new tattoo, getting dressed and picking the right clothes is all about preventing further irritation and protecting the newly tattooed skin. Areas that are newly tattooed are very sensitive. Thus, when picking an outfit, make sure that clothing around the area is as loose and breathable as possible.

Lastly, covering a tattoo with scratchy fabrics will most likely irritate the skin and damage the art – like wool. Thus, pairing it with a new tattoo is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Coconut Oil Helps

Coconut oil has been used as a skincare product since ancient times. Because of its many medicinal properties, coconut oil is deemed as an essential skincare merchandise. Moreover, every skin type is safe to use coconut oil. Because it is all natural and does not contain any harmful substances,  there is little to no risk of adverse reactions at all.

Coconut oil is used to treat burns and wounds for it is antimicrobial and helps relieve pain. Moreover, experts say that applying coconut oil to a newly healed tattoo will help make it shine.

Consult An Expert

After getting a tattoo, many complications are very likely to happen without proper care. These risks include infections, allergic reactions, and even scarrings. Skin problems arise when getting a tattoo because tattoos are like open wounds. Complications may be caused by dirt, bad reactions to the tattoo ink, or even skin disease.

In case your skin is reacting differently, or if it is changing in any way after you got a tattoo, it is best to seek the help of a board-certified dermatologist to ensure your skin is okay.

Avoid Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause your tattoo to flake and get damaged. Thus, always make it a point to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Moreover, if you feel that your tattooed skin is starting to flake or get a bit dry, you can apply coconut oil to moisturize it. Water-based lotion or cream is also excellent in keeping your skin healthy.

Also, note that it is best to use water-based products. Use of water-based products is for the reason that petroleum-based products, like petroleum jelly, can cause the ink of your tattoo to fade.

Say No to Heat

When you get a tattoo, it is best to stay out of the sun. For some tattoo inks can be faded by Ultraviolet (UV) rays. So if you plan on going to the beach, bring sunscreen for your tattoo. Moreover, you should also steer clear of tanning beds and sunlamps. The light from these devices can also fade tattoo inks and can increase your probability of getting skin cancer.

Excessive Figure Transformation

Remember that when you get a tattoo, the ink used is embedded into your skin. Thus, the tattoo looks like the way it is due to your size the day you got it. Following the fact that the tattoo is fixed into your skin, it is vital that you avoid excessive weight gain or weight loss. Avoiding is because it may stretch or distort your tattoo.


Tattoos or tattoo ideas are more than like a body art or a means of expression; it is a medical procedure. When you get a tattoo, ink is inserted under your skin – basically, it is an open wound which is prone to infections.

Thus, for you to avoid these complications, tattoo aftercare is a definite must! This article will help readers acquire relevant tips to keep their skin healthy while ensuring that their tattoo looks its best.

Cross-Border Shopping: from Canada To America For Bargains

Canadians like shopping. They used to go through the border to the Unites States to get more opportunities for shopping. They do it at least several times a year. Why not? It takes little time to cross Canadian territory and get to American shopping paradise. Where to go? The first recommended place to visit is Buffalo, New York and the rest of the Niagara Falls territory. You cannot find any other such a favorable place in search of bargains. So, here is a guide for successful cross-border shopping.

Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria interior

Learn how to shop in the USA?

Make a Plan of Your Trip

Don’t be surprised that your shopping needs a plan. If you want to get through the border in the fastest and easiest way and avoid wasting time for hot shopping hours, you need a plan. Late Friday and Monday are not good for making purchases. You have to stand a long line then. One more thing, there is a helpful website which is called Canada Border Services Agency. This is a place where you can find out the crossing rules, useful mobile apps and other important information for travelers.

Get Nexus Card

As it was said, your shopping tour starts from getting across the border. It usually takes much time. Do you want to forget about this unpleasant moment and get through the border in the fastest way? You are recommended to buy a Nexus card. It’s a kind of bonus to join the short line and get through the border fast. This is also your chance to join the program of US Customs&Border Protection. It’s really time-saving! Be attentive: every passenger that comes with you for shopping should have Nexus card also.

Money Value

Money question is always important. Check the dollar value before you start shopping tour. Thus, for a day-long trip, when you are going to stay in the country for 24 hours, you can buy goods tax-free for $200. Staying in the USA for 48 hours and more, you can buy goods for the sum of $900, including alcohol and cigarettes. Never forget to declare your purchases.


Tax-Free Shopping

There is a happy rule for all shoppers. It says that you may not to pay tax for some purchases. Honestly, you shouldn’t pay tax for the most of products you take with you back to Canada, especially for those that are made in Canada, Mexico, and neighbor countries. It’s because Canada can boast special free-trade agreements with all these countries.

USA Credit Card

If you used to visit US frequently, you should ask for American credit card. Why do you need it then? It is not charged a foreign transaction fee on purchases that you’ve made in America. This card makes your shopping less problematic and more profitable. Where? Try to ask for such a card in the bank of Canada or US, no matter. It gives you benefits and even more.

USA Bank Account

If you already get the USA credit card, you may also ask for the American account. What to know more about it? You can pay from your bank account, without any currency exchange fees. Of course, the difference is not big, but shopping often, it’s really money saving. This is a way not to worry about the different values of Canadian and American money. You can pay your US bills from your American account. Of course, this is a profitable deal only if you are mad shopper, who used to cross the border every weekend.

Credit Card

Look for Canadian-Attractive Deals

You can find a lot of interesting deals that are made for Canadian shoppers specially. It can be discounts, promotions, super sales or week sales that definitely make their shoppers happy. How can you know about sales? It’s easy! You can check the websites of those shops and malls that you are going to visit this time. There are also special trade offers for Canadians in the local hotels and restaurants. Just visit their websites and ask for loyalty programs participation beforehand. You may get special coupons or try to visit US for holidays. State holidays such as American Thanksgiving day or Independence day, and Christmas holidays bring big sales.

Of course, shopping abroad is always cool! Being a shopaholic, you have a chance to cross the Canadian border and go for shopping to the US territory. Buffalo is the nearest and most favorable platform for shopping. Of course, you are supported by special US cards and bank accounts. Be attentive, remember about the difference in Canadian and US prices. Your deal looks great, but isn’t it still attractive considering the exchange rate, tax-free deals. Free-trade opportunities give you a unique chance to shop in the neighbor country without any problems. Just remember the information above and enjoy your shopping!

Top Tips For Traveling With Your Dogs

Dogs are a part of our family and many of us want to include our furry little friend on trips and vacations. However, you need proper preparation to take them along with you so that both you and your dog are able to make the most out of your trip. While you may enjoy something, due to their nature, your pet baby, might find it uncomfortable.

Vacationing with your dog can be an amazing experience if planned properly. The world is full of amazing countries with lots of places to visit. It’s also a great way for you to bond with your dog or any other pet.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Up for the Trip

One of the first things you should remember that just like you, your pet also needs to be prepared for the trip. Sick, injured and pregnant dogs should stay home and rest.

Before a few weeks from your trip, start by taking your dog on short car rides and get them used to the feeling. You can take a backpack to carry your dog and a harness, or crate along with you. Remember that the age of the dog matters as puppies and senior dogs might act differently than typical adult dogs.

The best thing you can do is create a pet-friendly space in your vehicle where your dog will feel safe. This will make them calm and comfortable on your actual trip.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recommends a few trip-tips that will keep your dog happy and make the trip more enjoyable.

1. Re-check Microchip and Tags

Before you hit the road, you should check and update your dog’s tags and microchip with the latest information. There have been many cases where dogs ran away in stressful situations. Updated tags will maximize your chances of getting your pooch back.

2. Do a Checkup

Always do a checkup and get a health certificate stating that your dog is healthy, good to travel and has all required vaccinations. It’s very important if you and your dog are traveling internationally as this document is required by many airlines.

Some communities and hotels also require this certificate before admittance. In addition, if your pet is on some medication, carry paper copies of the prescriptions so that you may refill them.

Some breeds are banned in certain countries and cities, research well before making a booking a ticket or room.

3. Picking the Right Vehicle

If you are going on a road trip with your rover, then you might consider renting a vehicle appropriate for your dog. If you have a large breed dog such as a Saint Bernard or a German Shepherd a spacious car/truck will make the journey more comfortable.

Always secure your dog properly in the car. Secure all harnesses and crates before starting the car. Don’t ever let your dog hang his head outside the window; many dogs have been lost on toll booths and rest stops. When the car is in motion, windows should be set in such a way that he can’t jump out.

4. Pack Food, Medication and Water

Pack plenty of food if possible, suited to your dog’s breed or something you regularly feed him. Your dog will be in a new environment while traveling and familiar food will bring normalcy in that routine. Take a little extra in case your return home is delayed.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then consult your vet before making the trip. Giving him a variation of foods may cause an upset stomach.

Be sure to pack lots of water and required medication on your journey. Feed them at times when you would feed them at home.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to pack other essentials on your journey – water, food bowls and toys keep him busy.

5. Take Sufficient Amount of Breaks

No dog likes to stay cooped up for long. So during the journey make sure to take breaks to walk your dog. It will do both you and your dog good to stretch out your legs and enjoy the surroundings.

The walks will fulfill the daily exercise routine your dog needs to lead a healthy life. It will also help digest some of the food and burn that excess energy and make your dog relatively docile.

Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car. Even on a mildly warm day, the temperature inside the car can go from 90°F- 160°F. In such temperatures, dogs can suffer from deadly heat strokes within 15 minutes.

6. Dogs on a Plane

While flying is the fastest and the least stressful way to travel for humans, it can be very stressful for a dog. Airplanes have various regulations regarding pets. Read the guidelines before making a decision.

In most cases, dogs are put on crates and placed in the cargo hold. Without proper training that can be dangerous, terrifying and potentially deadly. Flying should be considered only when relocating or where no other alternatives are available.

7. Dogs on a Boat

When traveling by boat, don’t forget to put on a floatation vest and make sure your dog has one too.

While dogs are natural swimmers, stressful situations may cause them to tire easily and drown. The flotation vest is highly recommended for dogs that are new to boating, on medication or prone to seizures.

8. Safety

The safety of your dog should be one of your primary concerns while traveling. Look for signs of distress and make sure that he is comfortable.

Before starting on your journey, print out a map from the internet that shows various veterinarians or animal care places on route to your destination. This will come in handy in case of an accident or emergency.

If there is no such map available, you can call American Animal Hospital Association at 1-800-883-6301 for a referral to a local vet.


There are some other measures that you can take that will help you travel with your dog more comfortably. You can get a backpack to carry your dog if you have a small breed dog. They are handy and will help you keep your arms free.

We hope these tips helped you and remember the first time is always the hardest. It may sound overwhelming, but just go through this step by step and look forward for a great adventure with your pooch!

Montenegro is a popular stop for many people as the place holds a great many treasures that are famous throughout travelers conversations. So if you’ve just arrived in Dubrovnik and are wondering how to proceed on to Montenegro from there, then you’ve come to the right place for help. Here are a few options you could consider:

1) You could rent a Car

The upside of renting a car is that you can take in all the sights and wonders while cruising the open road. There are quite a number of routes (depending on where you want to go) you could take, the first one being a 3-hour direct 183 km pathway through Trebinje, Niksic and Povija then finally Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro).

Alternatively, you could take a second route which passes through Sutorin via Cavtat, Herceg Novi and end up in Budva. Since you are going to another country, outside of European union, you will need to cross a country border. so prepare your passport. The second route is 13 km longer and getting to your destination will take about an hour more. Either route will take you back and forth between Monte Negro and Dubrovnik and you can find a more detailed guideline on Google Maps.

2) You could also take a Bus


There are three or two bus trips everyday that’ll get you to Montenegro from Dubrovnik and you can catch one of these buses at the Dubrovnik bus terminal which lies about 3.3 km- or a 9-minute taxi ride- outside the town. Kotor is usually the most popular destination in Montenegro and it is advisable to take the 10 am bus there and return later in the day that is if you are planning for a quick one day trip. If you have some time to spare though you could also take a detour at Herceg Novi.

3) The transfer option

There are many companies offering a transfer option from Dubrovnik to Montenegro which allows you to sit back as a third party handles all your travel arrangements. It is a convenient and effective means of travel that features popular destinations in Montenegro namely Budva, Kotor and Herceg Novi. You could take a shared or private transfer package depending on what you prefer and how much you’re willing to spend. Remember to do your homework- with regards to schedule and travel routes- first before settling on a particular choice.

4) A taxi trip from Dubrovnik


The other option you have is taking a taxi to Montenegro which will cost you more than a 200 USD depending on where exactly in Dubrovnik you are travelling from. Taxis are in abundance in and around the Old Town and you can simply take one from the airport if you arrived in Dubrovnik by flight. Another popular area to get taxis is near the public bus stop in Dubrovnik which is right next to a taxi stand. Keep in mind taxis and buses often have an additional luggage cost so it’s important to remember to enquire about the overall cost first just so you know how much you need to pay exactly.