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Joon Flight For Millennial Generation

The Air France Air Group has been on flight business back to 2004, it only took 13 years for them to be the biggest airline group in the world. The Air France Group recently announced the launch of its newest airline targeting the millennial generation market segment. JOON Airline is scheduled to launch the brand and its premiere flights this September.

Joon is different from the other Air France Group Airline. Joon’s specified to target digitalised millennial generations as potential passengers. Joon will offer innovative and unique experiences as it’s also claimed to provide services and products similar to Air France’s offers. It’s stated in an official announcement from Air France that this new airline brand is specially and fully designed to meet millennial generation’s needs and aspirations.

Of Course, it’s very extraordinary when you find flight attendants or crews wearing a very relaxing and casual outfit such as polo shirt and pants or a blazer whose arms are rolled up along with sneakers and flat shoes. They will serve the passengers in simple light blue uniforms. This cabin crew uniforms are inspired start up workers in Silicon Valley, USA. These uniforms are expected to represent the concept of “dynamic style “that Joon want to lift. It is also not mentioned that the cabin crew should be from millennial generation.

Although the definition of millennial generation is often argued, it’s expected that this airline can target folks between the ages of 18-35. It is unclear whether passengers of the millennial age are allowed to ride Joon as its digitalised concepts may not suitable for certain ages. However, The Air France claimed that a 40-years-old passenger may board on Joon.

Air France has not revealed the entertainment system in the plane or about the food and beverage menu yet. However, it was revealed that Joon is not a low-cost airline. It’s also revealed that, Joon will launch the European route from Paris this september. While long-haul flights are scheduled to fly in 2018. Joon will use the Airbus A320s as well as the A340s and A350s.

The Joon’s passengers will experience a relaxed and comfortable concept as they’ll be pampered with advanced technology. If you’re a millennial generation who want to enjoy the flight with your style , you can scheduled to have some vacations or trips to Paris as you can stay tuned to gather some information about how to book Joon’s tickets. Good Luck!

Travel Destination In Cambodia Despite Of Angkor Wat

What makes you a real traveller is the exploration of new places. When your friend or family suggest you to go to Cambodia, first thing that will appear in your mind is Angkor Wat. Indeed, Angkor Wat is the most famous tourism sites of Cambodia, as it’s declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, also it can represent the Cambodia’s history, culture, and religious aspects. But, if you have three days vacation, you’ll love to visit some other places that’s definitely challenging you while in Cambodia.

Although it’s not famous as Angkor wat, Tonle Sap Lake is officially the largest lake in Southeast Asia. You’ll find that Tonle Sap Lake is surrounded by five provinces as it supplies water, fish, and other natural resources to these provinces. The lake is located for about 15 km from Siem Reap as you need to cross the lake heading to Phnom Penh direction.

Tonle Sap Lake is just like a paradise on earth. This lake is home for more than 100 species of water birds and more than 300 species of freshwater fish as it’s surrounded by flood forests. Surprisingly, Tonle Sap Lake is supplying more than 50 % freshwater commodities consumption of the entire Cambodia.

Along with that, Tonle Sap Lake has a floating village named Kompong Phluk and Chong Khneas that can be also you travel destination. You’ll soon know that the attraction of this village it’s not only about its floating but also the people on it. You will find a very distinctive Cambodian culture in this region. It is because most of those people aren’t Vietnam citizen even they’ve lived there for centuries for some officials’ reasons. When you arrive Kompong Phluk, you’ll learn some anthropology, economics, cultures and somehow, politics.

Despite of the water and Kompong Phluk village, there are ways to enjoy Tonle Sap Lake. The most conventional and challenging one is by boat touring. You can choose between traditional boats or first class boats, both of them will depart through the dock of Chong Khneas village. In this dock, there are always boats available to be rented, so, you don’t need to worry for not having one.

As you’ve been informed that Tonle Sap Lake has most reasons that you should travel on. You can start with checking your schedule and making a list of the travel vendors which include Tonle Sap Lake into their packages, find some competitive price, and go!

7 Notes To Be Concerned While Passing The Security Checks

Airport security procedures must be obeyed by any airline customers. In order to have smooth process, there are some things that are either prepared or avoided during security checks at the airport. These points can speed up the process of getting into the flight lounge and making it easier for passengers to be no exception to airport personnel:

1. Bring Liquid in the Amount Specified

Airport has tight rules for passenger’s luggage. Specific international flights do not allow you to carry more than 100 millilitres of liquid. Carrying more fluid than amount specified will certainly be confiscated by airport securities. There are only exceptions for drugs and milk for babies in this rule. Liquid goods which are the tightly packed from the duty free outlet are also allowed in amount specified by the departure and destination airports.

2. Hold your Ticket and Identity Card in Your Hand

You should hold your ticket and ID in your hand before entering the security checks and queue. It will help you to speed up the process.

3. Remove belts, jackets, watches, and shoes

It is true that airports with different countries sometime have different rules about objects attached to the body that have to be removed during the X-ray scanning. Most of them require you to remove belts, watches, jackets, and any metal built goods during the procedures. It’s best for you to remove those stuffs outside the queue, so they do not bother the procedure as you can save more time.

4. Put Out Electronics

Electronic devices with considerable size such as video cameras, laptops, or tablets need to be put out from your pockets or bags during security checks. Furthermore, make sure the small electronics are also put out from your pocket.

5. Do not Wear Slippers

As prevention, it’s better for you to avoid using sandals for international flights, rather than dealing with a barrage of questions from airport securities that will prolong the procedure time.

6. Check the Distance of The Departure Gate

In the vast and very busy international airport, it’s possible that departure gate is sometimes far from the checkpoint. So, you should provide a longer time span for international flights.

7. Do not Make any Fuss with Security Officers

It’s better to avoid arguing with security personnel and simply obeying the rules. Security officers have the right to hold prospective passengers and can impact you with missed flights.

The flights won’t wait you, so the things you can do is helping yourself to smoothly get through the security checks.

Travelling Thailand Without Exiting Bangkok Is Possible

The most favourite travel destination of East Asia is Thailand. Somehow Thailand are being destination for millions of tourist for all over the world. Thailand has bunch of tourism sites and products, which is already known that they have affordable prices.

If you’re planning to travel Thailand with your family then you can book cheaper airline tickets for August departure. Travelling to Thailand means to be flexible budget as Thailand has many sites and places. Your destination can be adjusted by your budget.

It’s very possible for you to spend your vacation in Bangkok only as it has many beautiful building with incredible architecture. You can visit king palace named Grand Palace as well as Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. Next, you can visit Wat Pho and Wat Arun temple which are usually crowded Thailand citizen to worship.

If you’re travelling with your kids, you can take them to the Dinosaur Planet in Bangkok. Your kids can play along with educational theme. After that you can spend some time in Dream World as it has Snow Town, it’s very interesting when you can experience a snow winter in a tropical country. You should continue to Madame Tussauds where the wax statues are displayed there.

As the night come you can go to natural market in Bangkok. Enjoy your night by visiting Asiatique which is located on the banks of Chao Phraya River, or at Talad Rot Fai in the Ratchada region. These two place are tremendously famous among shoppers as they offer souvenirs and accessories at a very affordable price.

It’s surprisingly that total cost for ticketing is only about 37 Euro per person to access all the sites mentioned above. Moreover, you can get cheaper prices if you’re travelling using a travel agent or online tickets.

In the end ,you can also enjoy spectacular performances on religion and culture, named Siam Niramit. You and your family will be spoiled by many theatrical ethnic performances presented in the highest performance stage in the world. Siam Niramit also provide food court, shopping centre, and surprisingly, elephants to ride.   You’ll only spend about 25 Euro to enjoy Siam Niramit performances.

If you don’t want to exit Bangkok while you travel to Thailand you can simply visit those sites. In average, you’ll spend at least three days to explore all of those sites. However, if you have more time and budget you can visit Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Phi Phi Islands.

Top 3 Landmarks In Game Of Thrones You Might Want To Visit

Who doesn’t know about the current most popular TV Series on HBO: Game of Thrones. The fantasy series taken from a novel by George R.R. Martin has got the attention from all over the world. People are mesmerized by the seemingly unreal castles and landmarks which look like unworldly. But soon after the truth that plenty of the buildings are real, people are going crazy to visit those places. Here are the Top 3 landmarks in Game of Thrones you might want to visit:

Kings’ Landing in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Top 3 Landmarks In Game Of Thrones You Might Want To Visit

There would be no single fans of the game of thrones who doesn’t know about this place. In the earlier part of the series, there are memorable scenes took place in the city. Apparently, the city and the castle are all real. The location used as the base of King’s’ Landing is Dubrovnik, a city in the southern part of the country. The city is literally a perfect depiction of King’s’ Landing from the novel. The massive stone fortress directly facing the sea and the atmosphere is perfect for the movie set. The medieval walls are under the protection of UNESCO as a world heritage. Despite its sturdy looking, the walls were constructed in between twelfth and seventeenth century. It is approximately 2 kilometers in length and 25 meters tall.

The Cave Beyond the Wall in Iceland

Top 3 Landmarks In Game Of Thrones You Might Want To Visit

You must still remember the scene where Jon Snow and Ygritte doing that intimate scene inside a cave. Rather than the scene itself, the cave looks gorgeous with a mystical aura. The cave itself is a tourist spot in Iceland called Grjótagjá Cave. It is a small lava cave which contains a natural hot spring near Lake Myvatn. There was a moment when the temperature of the hot spring rose to a dangerous level, but now it has been decreased and used as bathing site again.

Winterfell Castle in Northern Ireland

Top 3 Landmarks In Game Of Thrones You Might Want To Visit

Winterfell is the castle home to house stark which is so far considered as the main protagonists of the movies. Later in the movie, there was a war took place on the castle which reveals some parts that have not seen before. The shooting location took place at Castle Ward in North Ireland. The Castle itself stands on 400 hectares of land and is a National Trust property from way back in 18th century. There is even the Winterfell Tour provided in the area which takes you on a journey exploring 20 spots of key filming locations.

5 Etiquettes Need To Be Obeyed While You’re Travelling To Japan

Japan is one of the most popular destinations for international travel. As many Asian destination, there are some code or etiquettes that should be known if you’re on travel to Japan. Japan is well-known as a disciplined and clean country. There are some rules and habits that must be obeyed even for visitors or tourists. These points summarise some of the etiquettes that tourists need to pay attention on when visiting Japan.

1. Etiquettes on Trashing

The Japanese people concern about what they throw away. Actually, there are several categories of waste in Japan, such as plastic waste, paper waste, glass waste, and so on. Therefore, beside you have to throw garbage in a trash can, you have to throw it into the trash according to the category of garbage you will waste. There will be information about categories in each trash can.

Japan has different waste disposal schedules in each region. Therefore, every homeowner must dispose of waste with certain categories on certain days, such as paper waste will be picked up by officers only on Wednesday and so on. The Japanese are also used to carry their own garbage bags in case they’re on trip and cannot find any dustbin they can put the garbage into those bags first.

2. Etiquette on Stairs or Escalator

Furthermore, Japan also applies the rules for using stairs or escalator. Specifically, when you are in the Kanto (Tokyo), you should stand on the left side. It’s different when you’re in Osaka. In Osaka, you have to stand to the right while on the escalator, while the left is used to overtake for those who are in a hurry.

3. Public transport Etiquette

When you’re riding a public transport, being quiet and silent isn’t optional in Japan. There are official rules that forbid you to make noises in public transport. So, it’s a good idea to activate silent mode on your mobile phone and do not pick up the phone while riding public transport. It is believed that this rule is made to honour the old citizens who need a calm atmosphere.

4. Touching Sakura’s Flowers isn’t Allowed

Sakura flower is the most famous flower in Japan. The Sakura flower only blooms for two weeks in each year. Therefore, the Japanese highly appreciate and admire Sakura’s flowers. One of the Japanese ways to appreciate Sakura blossoms is by not touching them or breaking the stems of the Sakura tree. Indeed, it’s a big temptation for touching this very beautiful flower, but as mentioned you shouldn’t.

5. Tidying cutlery in a Public Dining Area

When you visit Japan, you’ll rarely watch restaurant’s employees that will tidy and clean up your cutleries after eating, especially in Ramen and Udon food stalls, canteen, or fast food restaurant. So, customers have to tidy up their own meal leftovers and cutleries.

The Main Reasons Why People Travel

There’re 2 levels of answers to the question of why people travel? The 1st is the obvious one, and possibly the reason we provide ourselves and quote others. We travel so that we can see sights, attend events, and experience other cultures and more about the planet. There’re exciting reasons. But there’re deeper reasons for traveling that have lower to do with what we do when we travel, & more to do with what traveling does to us. These four sets of changes to ourselves be at the heart of create travel so compelling.

Travel Enriches You, Before, During and After:

The expectancy of travel is almost as stimulating as the trip itself & the memories afterwards. Understanding what you’ve ahead, and imagining in point, lends fun to life, and relieves the tendency to fail into a workday rut. The more detailed reflection of the trip, the more a future trip will stimulate in advance.

Travel Makes You More Vibrant and Interesting:

Travel provides you something to look ahead to… to study for… to prepare for… and later to share. You’ll bring home stories. Life can receive somewhat monotonous if you let it, especially after you retire and your job life ends. Expectancy is worth at least as much as the travel itself & the memories that follow the trip. How much improved to have travel stories & observations to share then to have your conservation limited to your newest doctor visits and your frustrations with the grass in your lawn..

Travel Re-Energizes You:

Trip and the anticipation of travel, recapture your enthusiasm. You look forward with excitement in its place of experiencing the dulled over feeling that arrives repetition and routine. Travel challenges you to be at your most efficient and focused-level. Relaxed zone might be comfortable. But it is fine for you to be taken out of your relax zones continues. Otherwise your social abilities can start to atrophy, and your skill to think on your feet & solve issues might be reducing due to disuse.

Travel Improves Your Health & Well Being:

Travel provides you a reason to stay health and fit. And keeps you sharp longer! The challenges of trip test your acuity on regular basis. Travel can be demanding, particularly if you’re not being led around buy the nose on a joint travel. You know you’ll require being on your toes, to be situational aware, to pay deep attention. You’ll need to talk extensively, including up & down hills & stirs. Usually, by the time you return home for travel, you’ll be in greater shape than you have been for months, or even for years. And if you start quick to anticipate one more trip ahead, you’ll have a real incentive to keep-up these developments and be the ready for the next period.

Changes and Benefits:

These benefits and changes to you from trip can turn into permanent ones. Your life will turn into punctuated with enrichment, you’ll think more broadly. You’ll find yourself incorporating purposeful lifestyles changes learned during trip. You will more interesting and vibrant as you’re periodically reenergized. And you’ll experience well being and enhanced health.

Exploring The Travel Benefits

The main and common goal of travelling is stress relief. If you’re a very busy person or 8-4 worker then you must understand that your life is being dominated by your work as you getting in the morning. A Long trip or short escapes are the most effective solution to free you from responsibilities as you can be relaxing and resting. Sense of freedom will bring your mind to relax and turn down the tension. It’s a certainty even you’re choosing a tour with tight schedule that will bring you physically tired but your mind is still enjoying it. Your mind will be peaceful at the moment you think about Bangkok, Myeong Dong, Bali, Maldieves and so forth. While getting tired at work brings you to anxiety, exhausting on travelling will charge you.

Some people may consider the holiday not a good opportunity to exercise. However, a traveller was actually more active than those who sit in their office most of time. Indeed, there are several activities that can gain health from your body such as climbing, running, swimming, hiking, or even walking, but as you travelling to the new interesting places you’ll walk much more than usual. Some outdoor activities is believed to take you away from diabetics as you can lose some weight and bring down the cholesterol levels.

Travelling in addition can be used for self-learning, give you some moments to observe the nature and people. When you visit a new place, there will be new things to be encountered, such as culture, ethnicity, demographics, and so on. From there, we can recognise the culture and customs that developed in a place we travelled. So, it’s suggested for you to pick unique travel destinations which have different nature and culture, so you can experiences this self-learning.

It works while you’re travelling with your family, closest friends, or other relatives. Teenagers can spent best time with their family while they’re on travelling as most of them spend their time to hang out with friends or school. It’s also helpful for parents who spent most of their time at works, travelling is the best chance and way to have some quality time.

Sometime, travelling can be addictive as travelling experiences will give you great memories. This addiction is stimulated by photos or videos taken and recorded during the trip or by souvenirs you bought. However, travelling is still a positive activity, somehow it also gives you purposes as you should take some time to save some budget on it.

How To Make Use Of Travel Agents To Help Plan Your Trip

There are many benefits of planning trip with a travel agent. Travel agent is skilled not just with locations but also with complete vital things that have to be taken care of. With their skill and exposure, you get free approach to tour tips such as free vacation tips, cheap affair tips, air lines tips, budget destinations tips, travel insurance tips, travel planning tips, worldwide traveling tips and much more.

Traveling agents have resources, links, and contacts to plan a vacation with in budgets according to your funds. Most traveling agents after the trip package that consists of all from airfare to totally taxes, the following tips for traveling will help you in finding a better travel agent and perfectly what to expect from a travel agent.

Benefits and tips of traveling through a travel agent when you plan a travel vacation with a travel agent, you get free access to many advantages and travel tips that help you in enjoying your vacations, few of them are:

Airline travel tips –

When you arrange a tour with a small number of travel agents, you receive tickets on lower prices from multiple airlines. Travels agents have tie ups with flights companies and offer a discount on tickets.

Hotel travel tips –

Travel agents can book hotels rooms in advance. You should ask your travel agent to book a hotel room well in advance to avoid very last minute hassles. If you are traveling to a lot of destinations, book hotel rooms at all locations. This could put aside you largely in your travel budgets hotel fees exorbitantly when seeing tourists in need.

Tips for seniors –

Travel agents also develop group trips for different age & vocations groups. The group’s trips are not just cheaper but much safer also, especially for older. The advantage of group trips is that you travel charges lonely. You will soon find budget out of the fellow travelers. Group tours have fixed schedule, so most of the vital areas and destinations are covered by the funds.

Travel tips for historical visits –

Travel agents staff guides to explain historical monuments to travelers. Knowing the past culture and visiting a monument arouse interest and create your visit superbly. Most guides know how to operate DV cameras and still cameras. You can ask them to shoot you with your family and friends or take a few images. This could save you substantially because the fee of the guides can be spread over the group.

Women’s Travel Safety Tips on Tour – 

Criminals are without end looking for innocent tourists for sexual assaults and cheating. When you are planning a trip with travel agents, you have free access to trip safety tips for ladies traveling alone. Moreover, the travel agents have contacts and info of police, embassy, hospital, and law that can arrive at your help. In the case of emergency, a travel agent is superior equipped than you control those conditions.

Why Traveling Makes Us More Creative

Traveling is a superb hobby for millions of people across the world. This also gives the various benefits to people. Here is why traveling is vital. The skill to move around one place to other place is the main venture one can ever have. Whole humans and animals have been secured with this skill, but humans are forever a step forward. We humans are, have an amazing virtue of seeing, experiencing & learning form it, and this is perfectly what makes our traveling more enriching and satisfying.

A person who went on a long distance trip returned home after few years. Till then, his family had no either no or extremely little info regarding his condition & well being. In few thrilling cases, a person would never come back. In despite of whole these barriers & difficulties, people traveled; not forever because they required too, but several times also because they liked to. And why not? Raveling not just takes us to distant areas and explains us with many people, but this also takes away the dullness of our lives.

This is surely extremely lucky that few people feel traveling is a pure waste of money, time and energy. Few also discover traveling an extremely boring activity. However a fine majority of people across the globe wish traveling, rather than staying inside the partial area of their homes. They like to travel new areas, meet new peoples, as well as see things that they would not locate in their homes. This is an extremely common attitude that has build tourism, one of the most money making commercial field in the globe.

People travel for many reasons, few travels for work, few for fun and some for finding mental peace. Though every person might have (her/his) own reason to go on traveling, this is vital to note that traveling, in it, has few inherent rewards. For 1, for some days getting away from all day routine is lovely change. This is not just refreshes one’s body, but also soul and mind. Travailing to a different place & doing incredible things that are not thought of otherwise can refresh a person, who thinks go back home, ready to take new & more problematic tasks in life and work. This creates a person forget his problems, worries, fears and preventions, albeit for some time. This provides him a option to think usefully and widely. Traveling also help to cure; this can patch broken heart.

For several people, traveling is a way to access knowledge, and perhaps a quest to get answer of their questions. For this, different people opt to go faraway & lonely areas. For believers, this is look for God and increase higher knowledge; for others this is a look for inner peace. They might or might not get what they’re looking for, but such an experience surely arguments their lives.

Traveling can therefore be an extremely inspiring and enhancing experience that might help recover the excellence of your life. So, let the travel bug bite you so that experience the thrill & the serenity of life at the similar time, and come up a different-person altogether.